Am I really destined to a life with Baquacil???


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Aug 14, 2007
On Friday I moved into my new home that has a pool. I called the guy who opened the pool and said "what do I do now?" He told me to shock it with the chemicals that he left with the previous owners and he'd come by on Monday to show me how to care for the pool. So, I poured in two gallons of Baquacil that was sitting in the garage-- the only shock/sanitizer that I saw.

Today he came by-- very nice guy-- and was surprised that I poured in Baquacil because he opened the pool with chlorine and that's what the previous owner was using. Unfortunately, the previous owner had three cases of Baquacil in the garage and I never saw the container of chlorine tablets tucked away in a cabinet. So, it's my fault that I used the wrong stuff. But I was surprised that he told me that now I can never go back to chlorine. I've read enough postings to know that I can do the conversion. But my real question is: since it's been chlorinated for months (until my bonehead maneuver), and since I only added two measly gallons, am I really destined to using only Baquacil from now on?

My pool is roughly 12x30 and 5' deep.



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May 7, 2007
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What does the bottle say? Baquacil sanitizer is going to cause a problem, but Baquacil oxidizer isn't so bad, and there are several other products under the Baquacil brand name.

Assuming it was the sanitizer, two gallons of baquacil is enough to react with chlorine to make something of a mess. Presumably this has already happened a little bit with the chlorine that was already in the pool. Baquacil reacts with chlorine to make a goo that tends to cause problems for filters. You can recover and go back to chlorine but it could require replacing your filter media.

Even worst case you can go back to chlorine, though it might take a week and require replacing your filter media. I would go with chlorine, more work right now but it will save you trouble in the long run.

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Mar 28, 2007
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Don't panic!!

We have helped many folks do full-blown conversions from baqua pools to chlorine, and while it takes a bit of time and patience, it is a fairly painless process!

Like Jason said, check to see what you actually did put in there, and check back with us. We can guide you through the conversion process.

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