Am I reading Taylor Salt Test correctly?


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Aug 17, 2014
Prosper, TX
Just got the Taylor Salt Test kit from TFTestkits. I'm having a SWG added to my pool today, and have been adding salt over past few days...want to make sure I'm doing the test correctly.

I'm adding the one drop of solution to turn the sample water yellow.

Then, adding one drop at a time of the other solution. Starting with about the 7th drop, the solution will turn "red" for a fraction of a second, then immediately back to yellow...does this on every drop until the 15th drop. On 15th drop, turns red and stays red. I'm using that as the moment it actually turns, so salt level of 3000 ppm (15 drops times 200). Is this correct?

I'm asking because the sample ends up kind of "thick" looking and having a few white specks in it at the end....normal?

Just making test for me.