Am I obsessing ?


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Jul 6, 2014
I had an algae issue a month ago....slammed and cleared it up nicely. Did the OCLT and seemed to stay with in 1ppm...water still seems a bit dull but....readings as follows:

FC- 5
TA- 130
CYA- 50

I am testing my water 2x daily and cant seem to get that sparkly clear water....still has a slight cloudiness...You can see the bottom clearly but I am wondering if my TA being above 90 will cloud up the water or prevent it from becoming super clear?
TA was 160 Sunday so I added 6lb dry acid to lower, and today we are. Maybe I still have some algae ? Perhaps a mini slam is in order.
Should a worry about it ?

Thanks for the help


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Don't use Dry Acid, instead use muriatic acid when you want to lower your pH or TA. WHen my pool appears slightly dull to me, even before testing I know it needs a bit of MA to lower the pH. Testing usually confirms this and once I add it the sparkle is back.

How'd you get so much calcium in a vinyl pool?? That might be some of what you're seeing.

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