Am I leaking from the Liner, Piping, backwash or ??

Oct 3, 2007
We moved in to an old place [23 yrs old] with a 16 x 32 [22,000 gal] pool. Somehow during the

day the water dropped to 6 inches. I was thinking the pool had a leak but when I filled it up

again today [with all 3 skimmers on - top, bottom and side jets] the water fell to only about 1

inch or so... where is the problem actually. Also behind the yard there were quite a lot of sand

[obviously I think from the Pool [hayward] filter. I did not see the sand initially coming. I

had an algae problem and backwashed a few time and also did a rinse for over 2 weeks. Pool is

getting more clearer now to almost as before, I went under did the "dye" test and remained still

but could not find the leak. I may have missed some but in the night I saw no bubbles etc coming

up. I check all the skimmers, piping, etc but nothing amiss. What is happening? Is it a liner

leak, piping, or when I was running the Barracuda G3 all day 24/7 for the past 7-8 days straight

that caused the leak then? It is an inground pool. I topped off water at 7pm and by the next day

after coming back from work at 4pm it drops to about 1-3 inches in a 16 x 32 [22-23,000 gallons]

and the top skimmer is sucking in nothing. It has controls for Backwash, along with rinse,

winterize, etc.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum.

Shut off all your equipment for a day and carefully measure your pool level in the AM and PM. It should not drop much more than 1/4". If it does, you have a leak in the pool.

If it doesn't drop, turn on your equipment the next day and see if it makes any difference. Leaks can be tough to find but without a systematic, logical approach, they can be impossible.
Oct 3, 2007
I will try now before I leave for work in 10 mins time. BTW I noticed sand [about 2.5 or less sand on the back of my yard... I think is mine... since I know sand is being used for the filter. how and why is it there?


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May 7, 2007
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The sand in the filter sometimes (rarely) needs to be replaced. Probably the last time they replaced the sand the old sand simply got dumped in the yard.
Oct 3, 2007
But why I saw like 1/3 or 1/2 inch thick of sand at the back or the yard... somehow I think the piping is there for Flush to Waste? It could not be lateral... as there is no sand in the pool but about 40-50 away out of the fence.... a little wet/ damp white sand.. like those in a beach was found there in my yard? What is the problem with the filter then?