Alternatives to A+B Epoxy?



Well, the ol' swimming hole has been great, but that pesky leak is back. I've used some Marine grade A+B Epoxy I got from the hardware store, but its really a pain in the Watusi to get into the crack in the Plaster. It basically pills up as I apply it -some times floats away moments after I scrape it on. I've tried waiting longer, less, spinning on my head. Same results. Pool is a tasty 86 degrees so it should slather on like butter. But no dice.

Is there anything else I can try that sticks where I stick it? Color isn't too much of a concern, since the pool is seriously Fugly. That's why we call it the Ol' Swimming Hole!




No, I haven't.

I was thinking if I could use a sanded expoxy based grout?




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Nov 5, 2008
I've used a two part epoxy that I got at the pool store, $20, one tube is blue the other is white. You cut off equal portions of the clay-like stuff and mix in your hand, then apply to the crack. It is white when mixed and it sticks really well under water or above. Very sticky, no pilling, no floating.


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Aug 1, 2010
We use Tec7 with a butter knife. Squirt a bit on the knife (or small spreader) and then swim down and smear. It comes in tubes like silicon but is 4 times the price. The thing to look out for is MSP in the ingredients. (Modified Silane Polymers).
I've just found this link
They have some of these type products, but I'm having trouble finding US suppliers. Good luck !


Thanks everybody. I guess the stuff I'm using is much more viscous than what you're looking at. I'll poke around a bit.


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