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Feb 8, 2021
Hi all!

We are about 2 weeks from being done (rain permitting.) Just waiting on deck, baby gate and plaster. This has been a long process and the FL rain has pushed my build about a month and a half this summer :cry:

That being said, can you guys gimme all the details on what I should have on hand for pool finish? Cleaning brush? test kit? What maintenance should I expect from the get go? IUnfortunatley my pool builder hasn't been the best with communicating and I don't want to be caught off guard or start on the wrong foot.

Any help is appreciated :giggle:

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Most definitely a TF-100 test kit. The only other kit close to that would be the Taylor K-2006C. But I highly recommend the TF-100 and a great accessory would be the magnetic speedstir. If this is going to be a salt pool, also consider the Taylor K-1766 sat test kit. Accurate water testing cannot be over-emphasized.

Ask your builder if they will be providing you with some basic tools (brush, vacuum, etc). Some do. For chemicals, you will need some muriatic acid to manage a rising pH due to plaster curing, and liquid chlorine to manage the free chlorine level. New water has no stabilizer (CYA), but ask your builder if they plan on adding that on start-up. Below are a couple links that you should review.

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Definitely ask your PB what if anything do they provide. My builder provided a beginner kit. Pole, brush, vacuum hose etc. They also maintained my pool until it was time to switch over to salt. Some builders maintain it to avoid any issues with curing plaster finish. I did however purchase the TF100 test kit, speed stir and the wall whale brush. All from the TFtestkits site. Even if your builder is maintaining the pool it would be a good idea to do some testing so you're used to the kit. Just don't go adding anything if the PB is maintaining it. You will be expected to brush the walls daily.

Also if you have a robotic vacuum don't use it until at least 30 days. I waited 60.


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Hi! Here is the list Dude is talking about with a couple of others to help you really understand the whats and whys!
Pool care links:
Print these out:
Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule
Pool School - Recommended Levels

Bookmark these:
Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
Trouble Free Pool
Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

Here are a couple of links:

I would also buy:
-2 2cup plastic measuring cups-one for muriatic acid and one for everything else
-Things to store the chemicals in like talked about in the storage link

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