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Aug 10, 2021
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I started my first SLAM on Thursday, testing and adding liquid chlorine 3 times a day. My CYA is 50, so I've been bringing it back up to 20 ppm. The water got very clear yesterday afternoon (Saturday) so I decided to do the OCLT. This morning I had 0 CC but lost 4 ppm of FC overnight. Is it possible to gauge how far away I am from completing the SLAM? I don't want to wake up everyday at 6AM. A loss of 4 ppm overnight seems like a lot? Should I just wait 2 says and try the OCLT again? To recap, water is clear, and CC is 0.

Once the SLAM is complete (whenever that may be) and I bring my levels down to 4 - 8 ppm (50 CYA), which chlorine test should I do daily? The TF 100 cheat sheet says to use the K-1000 for the daily tests but it maxes out at 5 ppm. How will I be able to tell if i'm in the acceptable 6-8 range and not higher? I feel like I should saving the R-0871 for SLAMing or less frequent tests.

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Water clarity can be deceiving. A 4 ppm loss overnight means something is eating the algae, so be persistent to look everywhere that algae could hide. As for daily testing after the SLAM, I still use the FAS-DPD when I test just because I like the accuracy and usually I'm testing over 5 ppm. Some people get used to color matching the yellow between 6 - 10 ppm in an effort to be sure their FC is strong and to save some reagents. Something to practice later maybe.
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