All return lines are 3/4 inch with broken off pvc that cracks when trying to remove.


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Jul 10, 2019
Livermore, CA
New home owner with a Gunite pool from the early 80’s.

My two return lines and my booster pump line are all 3/4 inch. I had to by a 3/4 inch to 1.5 inch adapter to use my Polaris 250. My two return lines have no outer eye attachments on them but look like they had some pvc fittings at one point as they are broken off. I can feel about an inch in they get a little bigger so I am thinking they were just broken off up to the threading. 2 questions. Does anyone know how to remove the broken pieces that do not extend past the pool wall? I don’t see any 3/4 threaded eye attachments to put on them. Do I need adapters for all return lines?


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Jul 21, 2016
Keller, TX
Not entirely sure what you are trying to do? Post some pics for clarity. From what I gather you are trying to remove broken threaded pipe that is inside another pipe and replace with a new return eyeball? If so, you can try one of these to remove the broken pipe: Nipple Extractor / Easy Out. Go easy, as you don't want to crack the outer pipe. As far as the new return, you will need to get to searching, I am not sure if you will find a 3/4" threaded return. Why not just remove the broken pipe and leave the return as is?