All new piping and pump at end of the season.


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May 4, 2020
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Hey again,

My piping looks to be original and although not in rough shape I am looking to replace all the above ground 1.5 inch piping. I have a possible suction leak which hopefully this will address. I can get all the 1.5 inch PVC, unions and ball valves at the big box stores but I was looking for something a little more high end. I have been looking around. I see Heyward and some other companies make the ball valves and units etc. Can anyone make any recommendations? The schedule 40 straight pipe, couplings, 90's etc I can get at the big box store. Just looking for some quality unions, ball valves and a manifold.

I have 3 ball valves and 2 unions for my pump. I am running a 1HP Heyward Super Pump and was looking for recommendations for size and a replacement VS pump also. Thanks.

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Apr 10, 2018
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The SuperFlo VS EC-342001 is great pump that comes with unions. The IntelliFlo is the gold standard of VS pumps, but a bit more expensive than the SuperFlo. It's a better choice if you plan on future automation. The SuperFlo VST (Trade Grade) 342002 is supposed to have RS-485 connectivity for automation.

If the wet end of your pump is in good shape, you could add a VS motor. The Century V-Green motor has a good reputation here at TFP.

For valves, avoid "ball-valves". If you're using 1.5" plumbing go with Jandy 4715 for 3-way diverter valves and Jandy 4724 for 2-way diverter valves.

I'm not sure what you mean by "manifold."
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