All levels are fine, but TA is going up. Does it matter?


May 22, 2010
Baltimore, MD
I've had the pool up and going since mid May. It was way out of whack and I found this site and it as been a beautiful experience since then. Clear, sparkly, wonderful water!

Been keeping FC between 4 and 8 (as advised here) since my CYA is at 50. CC almost always zero, rarely it gets to 0.5. CH is at about 90 and PH has stayed rock steady at 7.5 for over a month.

The only issue is TA. It started at 150. Once everything else got to good levels it went down to 100. It's been creeping up for the last month and is at 140 now. Is this something I need to worry about since everything else is good?

I'm a bit confused how TA and PH can vary so much and I don't want to go mucking about tinkering with the chemistry unnecessarily.


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
If this continues happening, you should test the TA level of your fill water. It is possible to have high TA fill water, that drives up the TA every time you top off the pool.