Alkalinity Nightmare


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Jun 28, 2020
Surprise, AZ
Can not get my Alkalinity up. It doesn't matter how much Sodium Bicarbonate I put it, it will not come up. Im told that I have to get pH down first before I add Sodium Bicarb. I have gotten pH down in the 7.2 range and then I add Sodium Bicarb the pH goes back up and the TA does not move. Is this what they call a pH Bounce? Here are my current results before I just added a third of the dosage recommended.
FC 0.07
TC 0.19
Ph 7.8
TA 41
CH 268
CYA 70
I know that FC is low, I purposely brought that down to see if FC has any affect on adding Sodium Bicarb and it doesnt appear to help bring TA up.
It recommended 116 oz of Bicarb and just put in 39 oz and will test later, but this has been ongoing now for 2 weeks and can not get TA up. Any advise would be great. Thanks for taking your time to read.
My test kit is a Lamotte and all reagents are not expired.



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Jun 28, 2020
Surprise, AZ
Just an FYI I got from Lamotte this morning in an email.

We have reformulated ColorQ Alkalinity reagent # 7038 as ColorQ Alkalinity Reagent # 7039. Although we have manufactured ColorQ Alkalinity reagent # 7038 for over 10 years, isolated bottles in the last 2 lots have aged prematurely, prompting the reformulation. I will have the new reagent sent to you at no charge.
I have also added some care and testing suggestions for your ColorQ above.


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