Algaecide 60% Non-Foaming - added to pool,drain off 6 inches into pond with fish?


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Aug 17, 2014
NW Ohio
I wanted to get my algecide into the pool and run the pump for 24 hrs, so I've added it. Now I am going to drain off about 6-10" to get below skimmer intakes (to winterize)
Will it be ok if I drain that water into my near by pond with fish in it? The pond is about 1 acre in size so I wouldn't think it would be a problem but I don't want to harm my fish. Otherwise, I will have to drain it down into a shallow ditch between my neighbor and I and I don't want him upset.


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May 11, 2014
Franklin, NC
What is the specific algecide used? Make/model/contents?

Are there any warnings on the bottle?

My gut reaction would be not to drain intoi the pond with fish, but that is just me. Not only the algecide but chlorine is toxic to fish.


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Apr 27, 2012
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Dw9000, I too am worried about upsetting the ecosystem of the pond.

But just so you know, my pool tech closes without draining using duck plugs and a gizmo in the skimmer. I'll try to dig up the link to the gizmo that lets you blow out the lines with water in the skimmer and post it in case you're interested in this approach -- assuming you don't have waterline tile or anything that could be damaged by ice.

Blowout Skimmer Guard - Winter Pool Closing Accessories for In-Ground Pools : Anderson WDP150 Winter Duck Plug : Swimming Pool Winterizing Chemicals : Patio, Lawn Garden