Algae with normal chemistry


Sep 26, 2020
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Salt Water Generator
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Hayward Aqua Rite Pro (T-15)

First bit of algae in the pool!
Pine straw started dropping so I put a mesh leaf cover over the pool for the last week. During that week the chemistry had been normal, ran the robot twice (maybe a little less than normal). Checked on the pool this morning to clean and run the robot again and there was a little green algae on the steps and corners of the pool. Only other thing that’s changed, I have had a ton of earthworms crawling into the pool overnight from the grass surrounding the pool.

So, I’ve brushed the pool and turned the filter to 100% speed and will run it for the next few days with frequent brushing and robot action.

Do I still need to shock it? Or anything else to do?

FC: 6 (cc 0)
Ph: 7.6
CYA 75
CH 100
TA: 70


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Intex Krystal Clear
The Overnight Chlorine Loss Test is a good step to confirm suspicions but really
If you see visible algae you need to the SLAM Process
At some point your fc dipped too low (even if it was only in a certain area & has since come back up) this allowed algae to grow. I see that a couple months ago your fc was below minimum for your cya FC/CYA Levels
If this has actually occurred a couple of times or you ride the minimum regularly a nascent algea bloom can be the result.
You need to count your current cya as 80 & chlorinate accordingly. Always round up to the next 10.
There’s no in betweens so anything above 70 you call 80.
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