Algae under seam?


Jul 10, 2018
aledo, tx
I thought I was being pretty good about vacuuming the seams and crevices, but today when I bumped one area a puff of green came out (yuck).... pool has been clear and passing the overnight test for a week or two, but chlorine isnt getting there? It is a summer waves, round, above ground pool. The seam between the floor and the wall has an 1.5-2 inch overlap. In most areas it is tightly pressed against the wall, cant even use my toe to pull the lip down. In areas where I can pull it down, I do regularly to vacuum up leaves and such that collect there, this is the first time I've seen green come from the seam. FC has been maintained between 3 and 5 since I last did shock level last weekend.

So what is the best way to clean this seam? I thought about taking a rag and my foot to give a good scrub all the way around (pulling the seam down and really getting everything out, pulling it down and trying to vacuum doesnt seem to be being productive) and then starting slam again........ any other ideas?


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Aug 14, 2017
Vancouver, BC
I use a brush. The right shape makes it easy. Yes you need to clean seam regularly. There's a thread here somewhere about one person cutting down the seam overlap with blunt end scissors so he didn't have to brush.