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At the end of last year I had a pretty bad algae problem. Seemed to get rid of all of it (or almost :?) before I took it down for the winter. I put it back up a few weeks ago and I have noticed it is just a little cloudy... I can still see the bottom though! Was not sure if this is something I should be concerned about... I dont seem to be having a problem holding the FC where it should be. I did just vaccuum the bottom and brushed the bottom and sides and I shocked it using 6% bleach. My question now is... should I do something more? I bought some Clarifier and some AlgaeGuard. i am not sure if I should use one or both of these and at what point? Do I have to wait for the fc to come back down? (b/c I just shocked it?) On the algae guard it also says intitial dose 1 gallon per 50,000 gallons of water and maintenance dose 1 quart per 50,000 gallons of water. My pool holds approx. 4400 gallons, so I am not sure how much of this I should use.

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Water is just a little cloudy.

Test results

TH- 200
FC- 10+
PH- 7.8
TA- 240+

These test results are by using test strips, I ussually use a liquid kit but I ran out of the CYA indicator, and could not get a refill at the store. Few days ago using liquid kit CYA was at 0... tube was all the way full but I could still see the dot, and TA was 340 using that test kit. I did add some stabalizer/conditioner.
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A few more ?'s though :roll:

I had read that in a vinyl sided pool High TA is not as big of a deal... is this true?
I also read the two threads you suggested and I'm not sure what I would be able to come up with for aerating, since I have such a cheap pool :oops: If I rig somthing up to where the water returns to the pool wont it affect how the water filters through the pump b/c it won't accually be circulating the water if I make something that breaks the surface?

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With a vinyl liner and no spa/waterfall/fountain, TA can be anywhere in a fairly wide range and still be fine. But if your calcium saturation index (CSI) gets too high you can have calcium scaling, which can be a serious problem. Calcium clouding can happen in various situations any time CSI is positive. CSI depends on a number of factors, most significantly PH, TA, and CH, but also others. I calculate your CSI as 0.55 or higher, depending on what your TA really is, which is just approaching the danger zone for calcium scaling. Lowering TA is the most obvious way to lower the CSI, since it will also lower the PH right away.

Using your return for aeration will reduce the effectiveness of your circulation, but usually isn't a problem for a couple of weeks.
Ok great thanx,

I just want to say thank you to all of you guys on this forum that take the time to help others. I found this forum last year and have really learned alot! I have also told alot of others about the BBB method... most think I'm nuts :shock: , but owell their loss...

You all have saved alot of folks ALOT of money and now a days every penny counts!!!!

Thanx again...