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Jun 19, 2020
Sorry if I am posting in the wrong area but this is a question regarding algae treatment as I think a brush is part of the treatment.:unsure::unsure::unsure:

I have my chemicals pretty close if not spot on where they need to be but I mentioned earlier I am fighting black algae spots. I need to brush probably 2-3 times a day.

What do you recommend from a brush. My nylon dirt pusher won't get the job done. I have read that a good stainless steel algae brush is the way to go in various places and on youtube. Is this the recommendation?

I have a pebbletech (or similar) pool and don't want to damage it. It is roughly 8 years old.

Any thoughts and thanks in advance!

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Since your PT is fully cured, you can use a stainless steel brush. If you have Black Algae in there, a SS brush may be one of your best options. A nylon brush would only be needed if this was a new PT finish. If you are concerned about using full SS, there are combo brushes as well.
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