algae out of the pool


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Jul 29, 2009
i have a swampy mess, and i'm working through it (12% bleach, brush and eventually vacuum once the water clears up more) - pool store recommended mustard algaecide, based on my simple response "yes" to the question "is your pool green?" I didn't buy it, since I've never added algaecide after opening and just relied on bleach.
but, my question is about all the algae that i'm getting out of the pool. I'm running my pool robot, just to try to get some extra help removing the algae, but I'm curious about algae that ends up on my pool deck (stamped cement) and the algae that I wash off the vacuum into the grass.. do I need to be concerned with that stuff, or will it just die off once it's dried?



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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
There is algae everywhere, constantly entering your pool. When you get what's already in there killed and maintain sufficient chlorine, it won't be able to get started in the pool again.