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May 21, 2022
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Took the pool cover off about three weeks ago and the leaves had gotten in and sunk to the bottom but the water was clear. I scooped all the leaves out but we had a huge tree right over the pool drop a LOT of pollen and the pool turned a darker green (bottom no longer can be seen). When I say a lot I mean days of very fine pollen falling right into the pool.

I used floc and vacuumed a couple of times. I’ve also used about 5 gallons of liquid pool chlorine about 5 days apart with no improvement (each time readings showed high total chlorine but low free chlorine, with all chlorine reading low the next day). I tried algacide and it help clump pollen on the surface. All the while I’ve been backwashing, scrubbing and running the filter with little improvement.

This past week I worked on getting my chemical levels ready for a SLAM and last night tried granular chlorine instead. This morning my free chlorine readings are still high (didn’t lose it overnight). Readings from this morning are Totsl hardness 200, total chlorine 10, free chlorine 10, ph6.8, alkalinity 120, Stabilizer 50. The shallow end is a bit clearer but the deep end is still somewhat dark.

I was able to turn the pool from medium green to clear last year but I didn’t have the pollen issue from this year. I’m not sure if I’m working with pollen suspended in the pool or has it become an algae issue.

Any suggestions on next steps? Keep running the filter, floc again? I don’t mind using more electric or water, but hate wasting both if that isn’t actually helping. Here are pictures of the current status


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