Algae or Metals?


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Jun 28, 2013
My chlorinator died in November and, with a very warm winter so far, my pool had become a very dark green. My time has been limited since then but I started to SLAM 8 days ago. As the SLAM progressed and the dark green became a lighter green then grayish green as one would expect. It continues to very slowly become clearer.

However through most of the process, after the first day, my FC doesn't drop much at all even in full sunlight. So I got to thinking (dangerous as that may be). Before beginning the SLAM I tested my pH and it was way off the scale and it took a whole gallon of muriatic acid to get it down to 7.0. The very high pH appears to have allowed my pool stains to return in a big way as my white pool steps and ladder have become very discolored. Could the continued cloudiness in the pool be somewhat attributed to suspended metals in the pool? I can and will continue the SLAM but I don't want to throw $$ down the drain if algae isn't the only issue.

Any thoughts? Thank you


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
The metals are not likely to create cloudy water. They may leave stains. Continue the SLAM until you pass the three criteria.

Your FC loss to UV is much less this time of year. So it is not unusual to have less FC loss. However, it could also take longer to complete the SLAM as everything works slower in colder water.