Algae or Leaf stained water ?


Oct 7, 2013
Hi - 2nd question as a new pool owner in the chicago area.
Pool is a 16-32 steel frame inground unit.
The pool was closed 3rd week of septermber due to issues with pool mechanics to be fixed in the spring. It was shocked prior to final winterizing. The pool was covered using a meyco mesh system. We have two large Oak trees in yard which is another reason why the pool was closed early. The previous owner advised doing this to prevent removing leaves with a shovel from the pool. Anyways leaves did pile up on the cover (about a foot thick) and we had a lot of rain in between my opportunities to remove them from the cover.

I did my final yardwork this weekend and uncovered the pool to remove what leaves might have blown under the cover. Once the cover was off the top four inches of pool water was a brownish color, like coffee. Once I started moving water around with the nets to remove the surprisingly few leaves in the pool, all of this material settled to the bottom and the water seemed pretty clear.

Was this algae that formed over the six -eight weeks of no chorine or filtration or did I make tea in my pool from all the oak leaves? I am thinking it is leaf tea that the pump will filter out in the spring, but looking for others in the midwest to confirm
Thanks !


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It might be a combination of both but most likely you made some leaf tea.

Regardless, the cure is the same....SLAM the pool when you open in Spring and the chlorine and SLAM process will take care of it all.