Algae Growth On Grout Below Water Line


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Jun 3, 2014
Simi Valley, CA
Our Breeze SWG cell wasn't producing chlorine at an acceptable level, so I replaced it which solved the issue. FC was almost non-existent for a brief time, but is around 4 now.

I'm having issues with minor bright green algae growth below the water line on the grout. I've brushed it off twice, but it comes back after a few weeks in certain low light spots. It's not pervasive.

What are thoughts on using this method to kill it?: How To Clean Algae From Swimming Pool Tile Grout -

Any other suggestions? I saw about spraying bleach, but it seems that that is geared to algae ABOVE the water line, and obviously I can't spray underwater. :crazy: Although I suppose I could let the water level fall so I could get to the affected areas with a sprayer.

It's growing in the shaded area of this picture:

Thanks TFP!