Algae and ear issues


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Aug 17, 2014
NW Ohio
This is my 3rd summer for the pool. Previous two summers I didn't have any water issues. This year we had some cooler temps in late June and a few big rains. I neglected to keep the FC up, probably only added 1/2 gal of bleach every few days. Well I got some surface algae in the lower perimeter of the pool. I still dove in a few times, not thinking it would be a problem. Then i slammed it, vac,, slam again,, finally got ride of the algae but then I developed a real ear infection. Been to the ENT several times, and i have a fungal issue in one ear.
I've learned my lesson, I swam in swamps as a kid but apparently my ears are my sensitive now days.


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Oct 2, 2013
Creedmoor, NC
I'm sorry you got the ear infections. I always had ear infections aka "swimmer's ear" growing up but haven't had on, nor have my kiddos, since I have a TFP pool