Air Supply Cyclone Liner Vac/Blower


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May 28, 2014
Long Island, NY
I just finished closing my pool for the 1st time using an Air Supply Cyclone Liner Vac 3HP 120V 3-Stage, instead of my 26 gallon Craftsmen compressor. The Cyclone was well worth the purchase. Instead of doing "tank dumps" and having to wait each time for the compressor tank to refill, I had all the air I needed...continuous at the flip of a switch. The real test was blowing out the main drain. The bubble column the Cyclone created in the deep end was WAY more intense than using the compressor. If you are thinking about buying one for closing I highly recommend it.

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May 28, 2014
Long Island, NY
Skimmers I use a shop vac to suck the water out, very thoroughly...add antifreeze and install a gizmo.

To blow out the jets, returns and main drain I made an adaptor that allows me to pressure my system from the pump/filter side. I got a spare filter pump basket cover for my pump. I drilled a hole in the top large enough to put a 1.5 inch PVC fitting: threads on one side and regular "glue" fitting on the other. Install fitting on pump cover, use PVC cement, screw on "nut" on inside of cover. Then I glue it up (both sides) with JB Weld for good measure. Glue in a short length of 1.5" PVC pipe and it's done.

Use a rubber coupler to connect the Cyclone (you can see the coupler on my Cyclone photo above) and you are good to go.


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Jul 30, 2014
Monmouth County, New Jersey

Jimsky created a cover like mine. He has a Hayward Super Pump (In his signature). I had a friend cut the circle out and it worked like a charm. Closed off the return side and I vacuumed and blew out the skimmers. There was literally no water left. Plugged with Gizmo's and called it a day. Closed MD and worked on return jets and they were all open (all 8 of them) and used goggles to see what I was doing. The MD was last. Winterized the filter as well.

My thread below will show the cover and all parts needed, assuming you have a Hayward Super Pump Square Lid. Also plugged the pump basket with black rubber plugs as extra insurance in the event the Jandy Valve fails over the winter.

Modified Cover for Housing

Modified Cover for Hayward Super Pump for Closing Swimming Pool

Winterizing your filter:

1. Completely drain tank by unscrewing drain cap at base of filter tank. Leave cap off during winter.
2. Depress Vari-Flo control valve handle and rotate so as to set pointer on valve top between any two positions. This will allow water to drain from the valve. Leave valve in this "inactive" position.
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