Air source heat pumps indoors


Jun 4, 2010
Hi all,
Would just like to ask all you hugely knowledgeable people a couple of questions about heat pumps.

I am currently waiting on planning permission for a log cabin build that I intend to put an exercise pool into and am doing some "planning" just to ease the stress.

I live in Scotland so its pretty cold here 7-8months of the year and would like to get as much use from the pool as possible so I am thinking of putting the heat pump in my utility room which shares heat from the house.

The pool is approx 12,000 litres(or a puddle if compared to most here)

The room is approx 34cubic yards in size and has a door to the main house. Noise aside will I encounter any issues having the pump in this room. The cold air would be vented outside...
The heat pump would be 14ish kw rated at 15deg C.

One issue is the pump would be 4 feet higher than the pump and filter, would that make a difference ? 1.5" pvc piping which I would either lag on the surface or sink 1foot or so underground.

I'll probably post various other questions over the coming weeks so feel free to give me a slap if I post in the wrongs sections.

Mugs :wave:


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

Swimming pools need huge amounts of heat. Even a small pool heat pump puts out as much heat as the furnace for a large house. There is no way the heat inside the building will be able to keep up with the heat pumps demand for heat.


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Jul 25, 2009
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Welcome to the forum, you may well be tougher than us Southerners but unless your pool has insulation you are really fighting a losing battle. The losses are too high although Scandinavian heat pumps work down to around -7c I believe.

Some info:

Try a google search for the BRe report on swimming pools, if you email me I will attach a copy


Jun 4, 2010
Hey guys,
Jason, maybe I have underestimated how much heat the device would suck from my house :shock: I don't know much about them (does it show).

Teapot, thanks for the extra reading... I may have to rethink how I'll approach this but the cabin is going to be heated/insulated so I sort of assumed I wouldn't need masses( i reckoned a lot just not a LOT) of energy daily to maintain temps.

thanks for the pointers :goodjob: