air leaks?


Jun 10, 2010
I have a 27k in ground with a hayward de filter with a 1hp pump. i have three skimmers in the pool and one return. The flow of the pool is good, it circulates well but the skimmers have suction although i think it is a bit low. Whenever the filter is turned off it loses prime and their is a small amount of air in the pump basket when the filter is on causing bubbles to come out in the return. The pump itself is brand new and i believe that i have some air leaks in the plumbing although no water is seen to be leaking. My question would be what's the best way to check for air leaks in the plumbing and if i can't find any leaks is their going to be any long term damage for leaving things as they are since i have good flow in the return?


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Apr 1, 2007
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You have all the symptoms of a suction side leak. The suctions side of the system is everything from the pump to the skimmer. YOu don't see any water because it is pulling in air. Here's a few starter ideas to find it.

1. The most common leak is at the gasket where the lid goes on the pump strainer basket.

2. Make sure the water level is high enough sop it's not sucking air at the skimmer.

3. Watch for a very short, momentary leak in the suction side plumbing JUST as you turn the pump off. It won't last but a second.

4. Check all the joints and unions in your suction side plumbing.

5. It is frequent that you have more than one leak. You may have to fix a couple of things to get it to hold prime and not have air in the system.

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