Air in the pump basket with dedicated vacuum line


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Oct 2, 2014
San Marcos, Ca
I have a actuator valve going into the pump from the main drain/vacuum on one side and the skimmer on the other side of a T. The valve stops so the main drain/vacuum is always fully open and the skimmer can be closed off or slowed. I've had the valve set to a point where the vacuum runs at the proper speed/suction and things were fine.

But then I had to rebuild my MX8 and I turned the valve so the skimmer was off to test the vacuum. Now, when the valve is set so the skimmer is off and all the water is going from the main drain/vacuum to the pump, I am getting a bunch of air into the pump basket. I can turn the valve to a point where the skimmer is almost all the way blocked and get no air, but then there isn't enough suction to the vacuum.

Just to see, I plugged the vacuum into the skimmer and I'm not getting any air. The air comes into the pump basket when the vacuum is plugged into the port on the wall, not when it is plugged into the skimmer, so it isn't the hoses.

I've been using a Skim Around for a few weeks and it works much better than the built in skimmer, so I'm thinking about just leaving the vacuum plugged into the skimmer.


1. Do I need to be concerned about the air through the vacuum line in the wall in terms of the integrity of my pool? When the cover is closed over the vacuum pump I have no air in the pump basket. My water level is not going down so I don't think there is a leak under the concrete.

2. Could the problem be something to do with the actuator valve? I would think water would come out, not air get in right?

3. If it's ok to leave my vacuum and Skim Around plugged into the skimmer, is there a way to change the actuator valve so I can turn down the main drain/vacuum line suction? Meaning, can the actuator be clocked differently?