Air in system when using Dedicated Pressure Cleaner


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Jun 14, 2021
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I have a dedicated return for a Polaris 360 (no booster pump) that, when my pump is on High, air will gradually accumulate into the system over the course of an hour. Eventually, the air intake flattens out. When left overnight, I notice the basket to have about 50% water 50% air, and will remain at that level until I get involved. The pump still works, cleaner operates, and water flows but the basket has a large amount of air.

If I want to bleed the air, I can bleed via the filter slowly. OR I can open up a 2nd return line at which point water flow rushes in and the basket fills back up to normal levels very quickly. The basket will maintain 100% water unless I close down the 2nd line, in which case it gradually accumulates more air over the course of an hour.

If I reduce the speed of the pump, the air still comes in (albeit at a slower rate) and the cleaner becomes much less effective. And operating the cleaner with 2 returns open makes the cleaner useless.

Any thoughts on what could cause this? I'm a novice and just learning, so any help goes a long way!


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Jul 21, 2013
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And that is why most pressure side cleaners use a dedicated booster pump.

There is no easy fix. We don't know your pool equipment setup, size of your pipes, filter, heater, etc. but you are trying to push a lot of water through your one small pipe feeding your 360. Your pump can't push more water then it is. When you give the pump more outlets by opening your other return you get a better flow.

It is time to join the 21st century and get a robot pool cleaner and retire your Polaris 360.
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