Air in return jet


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Jun 12, 2012
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Getting air bubbles in return jet. Will come in spurts but regular. Is that most likely a possible crack or air leak between the skimmer and filter as I do see air bubbles in filter. I only have 1 return jet. I don't seem to be losing any water and my pressure gauge is reading 14-15 as always as I am not losing any pressure. I do have a fine "dust" dirt in areas of my pool that seems to disappear when I'm in water and wave it away. I'm going to try and vacuum to waste it out and see if it reappears but should I be concerned greatly about the air bubbles if I'm not losing pressure?
Try running water over your pump basket and see if the bubbles in there go away.....if the bubbles in the pump basket go away, probably the seal is not tight or may need a new can also try running water over the pipes to see if the bubbles disappear..........we just recently had this issue and realized the pipe going into the pump basket was cracked and the gasket needed to be replaced......

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Jun 22, 2009
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The most common places for suction side leaks are;
The pump strainer lid,
The pump drain plugs,
The skimmer weir not working properly allowing the skimmer to suck in air,
The water level being too low and the skimmer creating a vortex sucking in air.

After that are the plumbing leaks.