Air Gets in VS Pump when on Low RPMs


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Jul 17, 2016
My Hayward VS pump is set to come on and run for 6 hours on 50% power and then 6 hours on 80% power. When the pump first comes on, it goes into prime mode before switching to 50% power. When it originally starts up on 50% power the pump will acquire an approximate 3 inch diameter air bubble before it kicks into 80% 6 hours later. Once at 80% the air is cleared out of the pump.

Is this normal for air to start collecting in a VS pump when running at a low speed? Is this anything for me to worry about since this is a brand new pool?

Like I said, when the pump kicks up in speed or originally primes, there are no air bubbles present.


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Jan 28, 2021
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Holydoc, I have an older pool with a new VS pump - it does the same thing. I get some bubbles in the clear window when it is running at 1,800 RPM. I have mine increase to 2,450 RPM for two hours in the AM and then again for two hours in the evening, which clears the bubbles. In my case, I am sure it they are caused by a slight leak in the multiport valve on the filter. (I haven't gotten around to changing the gasket, I will soon...) The higher speed periods push the bubbles out, so I haven't worried about it. I am interested to hear from more knowledgeable people than me on this topic...
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