Air bubbles coming from returns. Cause of slow clearing?


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Jul 3, 2013
FC 18.5
CC 0
CYA 35
pH 7.5
Alk 150

A few weeks ago I was backwashing and forgot about it for several hours. Came home to pump running with no water. Now I'm getting bubbles from my returns. When I turn off the pump, water spits at me from 2 cracks in the strainer basket lid, top dead center. I have a replacement lid ordered, as well as a seal kit for my Hayward Super II Pump in case the seals were damaged and the lid isn't the only problem. They should all be in Wednesday.

All this while I'm trying to SLAM and clear up my formerly green/brown pool. It's blue, but it's been cloudy for a good while without much improvement, even with brushing daily and vacuuming blindly. Now when I brush, it doesn't change the water's color much at all, so I think I'm getting close. I did manage to get alot of pine straw and a ton of pine catkins off the bottom of the deep end yesterday...that should help things along.

Should I keep running the pump even with air in the system or should I stop it and wait for my parts to come in to continue?


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Jul 8, 2010
Ashford, CT
You can run your pump no problem - as long as the leak is not getting into the electrical side of the pump.

Just keep an eye on the PH as the air bubbles will raise the PH slightly.