Air Bubbler


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Jan 7, 2008
As we progress in our pool install, it has actually become a little beneficial that the pool installer has taken his time. It has allowed me to find things that we might have been ok with in a simple install. My latest question is we are having a step n leisure bench installed. It has 2 returns/jets in it. We were at a friends house this evening and their bench, which is a different manuf than ours, has an air bubbler built right into the side of the unit itself. The valve lets them get "bubbles" out of their return in their step-n-spa like a real spa.

Is there something I can ask my pool builder to install so I can get "bubbles" in my step-n-leisure bench? The guts of the pool are still wide open, but not sure if it is do-able or how much work is involved.

Any links to products, install directions etc are helpful



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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
As long as the plumbing is still exposed they could put a venturi spa jet in there (with an added air pipe). However, it might be some extra work to find one that will exactly fit the opening in the step and you may or may not have enough flow to keep the jet happy. So, you can probably do it, but don't count on it. Talk to them and see what they say.