Air Blower Leaking Water


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Feb 5, 2017
El Paso, TX
Today, for the first time, when I had my pool in Spa mode only, I noticed water dripping from our air blower. It only occurs when the pool is in full Spa Mode only.

Any ideas as to what would cause water leaking from the air blower?

We've taken it off, tightened the screws and reapplied but to no avail. Of note, when we hit the switch to activate the air blower it does not work anymore.

I've attached a picture showing the water leak.

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Apr 5, 2015
tucson, arizona
Turn off the circuit breaker to the blower. If water has gotten into the motor it may have shorted. Can you remove the blower from the pipe? There should be a check valve either on the blower or on the pipe, try running spa with the blower off the pipe and watch to see what happens