Aiper Smart 1500 cordless robotic pool cleaner review


Sep 3, 2014
Oviedo, FL
Just bought my first robot cleaner, an Aiper Smart 1500 cordless robotic pool cleaner. I saw a good deal on it from Costco for $650 so I picked it up. If it doesn't meet my needs, it is easy to return for a refund. It is also available from Amazon.

I have always wanted a robot cleaner, even though my pool has a screen enclosure which keeps out leaves and other big debris.
I don't vacuum as much as I should (especially in the hot Florida summer), and sometimes fine dirt settles on the bottom. I looked into getting a Dolphin S200 or Warrior SE from Marina, but I could never get hold of anyone there, and now their Dolphin S200 or Warrior SE robot supply is out of stock.

The Aiper came with an optional bottom wheel/roller attachment. The manual said it should be used if the robot got stuck on the main bottom drains, so I first tried it without the attachment. While the robot did not get stuck on the drains, it did get hung up on the stairs and sitting ledges. It did pick up a lot of dirt and paint flecks though. I had recently power washed the painted pool deck and this always kicks lots of paint flecks into the pool. A curse on the previous owners that painted the pool deck, that was a really bad idea.

So after running for a couple of days and getting stuck, I decided to install the optional bottom wheel/roller attachment. After running with this attachment, the robot did not get hung up anymore.

I'll keep using it daily and see how well it works. The pool does look really clean now, but I expect I will still have to brush the steps and ledges since the robot does not really clean them effectively. I think this a problem with all robots though.

In stock (no waiting for new shipments).
Reasonable price.
Cordless (uses a 12.6V, 8.6Ah rechargeable battery) so no cord in pool.
Has a nice big cleaning brush for scrubbing.
Has a strong impeller that really pushes the water out so it has good suction.
Climbs the walls and cleans the waterline.
Doesn't get stuck on the drains, stairs, or ledges (see comments though).
Has an easy to clean medium size very fine mesh filter basket that catches the fine dirt.

Takes around 6-7 hours to charge.
Only runs for 90 minutes, so more suitable for a small to medium size pool (like mine).
Made in China, so its durability is questionable.
No control of the cleaning pattern, just an on/off switch.
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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
I think this may be the way all of them go in the future... With a bigger battery and a bigger charger the time could be cut in half for charging and it could go a couple days cleaning... :)


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Jul 16, 2021
Cape Coral
I recently purchased a used cleaner of this model. I noticed it took longer than i thought to charge (over 6 hours). If i wiggled the power cord in the cleaner, the light on the charger started changing from red to green. Maybe the connection is going? Not sure. Anyone else seen this? Thanks.
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