Ahh-some goes head to head with oh yuk


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Sep 9, 2016
denver, CO
Greetings and biofilm solutions to everyone .

I have just completed a head to head shootout between ahh- some and a "new to me" purge product called "oh yuk". You may recall that I performed a series of experiments a few years back and found that ahh-some handily beat out a few other products such as natural chemistry and seaklear (if you search for "boisediesel spa purge" you'll find the article. It's a long read. Anyway I felt It was time for some new data.

I'll post details and photos on my photography site (mentioned earlier) but I will summarize here.

I had lightly used, (perhaps one bather hour per week) 10 months old water that had been maintained reasonably well with bromine. I "switched to bleach" at about month 4 . On a couple of occasions the sanitizer level dropped to zero and I had to shock to restore water clarity and health but I also had been monitoring my bromine decay rate and suspected biofilms.

Following the label directions I purged first with oh yuk. This released a very small amount of light brown sticky material on the vessel walls, after about 20 minutes "jets on". To give "oh yuk" ample chance to work I left the jets run for an hour. No difference. I then wiped everything down, drained and rinsed, refilled and purged again with oh yuk. The 2nd oh yuk purge released nothing. Nice clean spa! Or so I thought...

I then wiped everything down again, rinsed and refilled, and dosed with ahh-some. Divine bovine! This time I got about 10 times as much yucko out of the pipes as i did with the first purge with oh yuk.

Just to be consistent, I did purge again with ahhsome and got no new release.

This is why I keep recommending ahh-some. These experiments take a lot of time and my city water bill isn't very happy, but learning has occurred!