AGP skimmer for 2" PVC and possible cavitation


Aug 5, 2020
Does anyone know if there's an AGP skimmer available which will attach directly to 2" PVC? I've got a Radiant Metric semi AGP currently running a 1.5HP Harris proforce with a Hayward ProSeries 27" top mount sand filter. I've got everything plumbed in 2", except the pipe at the skimmer and a small section after my chlorinator. The only thing I could find to fit were 1 1/2 black Hayward union connectors. The pipe goes to 2" before a 45 approximately 12" below the skimmer bottom. I'm wondering if I have enough volume of water. The pool came with 1 return, but I've added a second. When both are open fully, the filter runs about 12 PSI, but I can hear some caviation either in the chlorinator or directly after my chlorinator, before the return lines split. I also had to use 1.5 PVC after the chlorinator as I couldn't find any 2" unions. Closing either of the returns eliminates the noise/cavitation. I may re-work the 1.5 PVC after the chlorinator, but was debating going to 2" PVC at the skimmer as well, if possible. If so, I need to do it before I pour concrete around the pool. So, does anyone know of a 2" outlet small mouth skimmer? Is the noise I'm hearing (sort of a rattle/scraping) cavitation in the pipe or chlorinator? skimmer.jpgfilter01.jpg