AGP Pool Base Prep & Foam Base Questions


Jan 26, 2021

I purchased a Saltwater 8000 Pool a few months ago, and its getting close to the time to start installation. I plan on hiring an excavator to flatten everything out and I have a few questions.. I have searched alot of the forum post and have seemed to discover older threads with mixed responses.

My excavator plans to level everything and compact it via rolling over the disturbed area with his excavator. He also said he has in some cases brought in about 2" of stone dust and compacted it on top of that with a compactor so I have a few questions.

1. I plan on putting in a foam XPS base either 1" or 1.5" for the pool. Would I need the stone dust + compaction in addition to this or is it overkill.
2. I have a uni-bead liner from thepoolfactory (40mil). I think as per the install specs it says to have a 3" sand base + pool cove. Would be doing a 1" or 1.5" XPS base + pool cove cause me problems? I was basically guessing that a 3" sand base would likely compact an inch or so anyways if I was going with pure sand.
3. When Installing a foam base, are people typically just installing it in the perimeter of the pool? Or are they cutting it slightly larger than the pool base and then flushing it up and cutting in the paver blocks for the leg support? If this is what most people are doing, would this cause me issue with my unibead liner? I guess I am afraid that the liner might not stretch as much as an overlap liner and might cave my pool walls in or something.
4. Is there a general consensus for tape-types on Foam board? I have heard some people use gorilla tape, others use like a duct tape or packing tape. I just want to buy something that will hold together well so I dont have separation. I cannot seem to find tongue and groove XPS anywhere locally so I think I will be stuck using the flat faced XPS and taping it that way.

Thank you in advance, I just want to make sure I do this all right the first time.


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May 14, 2020
Erie, PA
I'll defer most of the questions to the experts around here.

As for the tape issue, get the Gorilla Tape (black) as that stuff is very strong. I used up 4-5 of the 30yd rolls of it and still needed more. I taped 1 board on 1 side with duct tape (as that's what I had extra of), as I wasn't going back to the store for that small amount of tape. The duct tape was almost peeling off after a few hours. I triple taped every seam as well.


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Mar 17, 2021
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I really like 3M Construction Seaming Tape. It's super thin like packing tape but presumably a bit stronger. I've used it twice now on an Intex pool and my AGP without a problem.

When Installing a foam base, are people typically just installing it in the perimeter of the pool?

Yes. The pavers are only there as a leveling guide and to provide non malleable support for the weight transferred down on the footing by the upright which is only the weight of the top rail and people leaning on it. The pavers should not provide any greater support to the pool wall itself than the ground between them or they will crumple the wall.