AGP on artificial grass but it's about 1-2 inches unleveled


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May 16, 2012
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and new to AGP and thank you for taking your time to read my post.

I recently bought an intex 12' x 30 metal frame pool for my 5 yrs old daughter and placed it in my backyard yesterday. I have an artificial turf installed about 3 years ago and was pretty sure that the ground was leveled since I saw the installer took measurements and packed the dirt and sand, etc. before laying the grass. I laid a plastic tarp underneath the pool and set it up. I put the hose in and turned on the water then I realized that I needed to get pool salt so I went to home depot (5 minutes drive) leaving the water hose running. When I got back, the water was about 3-4 inches high and noticed that the water wasn't leveled maybe about 2 inches off on one side. I decided to cut several 2x4 wooden blocks and placed them underneath the stands (legs) on the lower sides to keep it level.

I sat and waited and checked several times to see if it will hold up and as of last night with the water filled up to about 3/4, it looked fine. I had to turn off the water to go to bed. This morning before leaving work, it seems to be holding up water well and leveled.

My question is, is it necessary to put the wooden blocks to help support the legs to make to water level or would it be safer to take out the blocks and let it be off by about 2 inches?

I still have other questions regarding my Intex Salt Water System and the 1000/gph filter but that will be later... :lol:


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Oct 24, 2011
Re: AGP on artificial grass but it's about 1-2 inches unleve

The top of the pool and the bottom of the pool need to be equally leveled, otherwise there will be strain on the top supports on one side and eventually the liner will fail. It would be stretched more on one side. You're probably better off just leaving it unlevel an inch or two.

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Re: AGP on artificial grass but it's about 1-2 inches unleve

2" off is likely excessive and will eventually cause the pool to come down.