AGP Heat Pump and Insulation


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Mar 28, 2016
Essex, UK

I am due to replace my small AGP 10ft by 30inch with a newer small AGP 10ft by 30inch, and will have to replace the floor insulation when I do this. As the new small pool will be a framed one, I was thinking of wrapping the whole of the outside of the liner sides with Armaflex sheets, and making a removable cover with a few more of the insulation slabs that I use on the floor.

The reason for wanting to insulate the sides and top too would be to add a very small heat pump (2.5kW).

What do you think about this, and do you have any other ideas? I am already in the process of installing PVC pipes and insulating those to the garage. I can get the Armaflex cheap as I work in refrigeration at times.

The pipework is being installed to accommodate a larger AGP when my daughter outgrows the 10ft ones.



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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
Honestly I wouldn't bother with the insulation on the side of the pool. I'd also be worried about the armaflex adhesive harming the material the pool is made of.

I would make a floating cover from the aramaflex though if you can. That should hold in a good amount of heat. Pools lose most of their heat thru evaporation of the water so I would focus your efforts on making an easy to use and effective cover for the pool. The inflatable ring pools tend to be tricky to cover effectively because the top is so floppy.

Your heat pump should have enough output to get you about 1 degree an hour when its running in good conditions.

I would consider skipping the small pool though and just go to the bigger one if you can swing it. Given the chance kids will learn to use the bigger pool in no time. It will also give the adults in the family more room in the pool as well.


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Mar 28, 2016
Essex, UK
Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely be making a floating Armaflex cover, and not covering the walls.

I cannot wait to get rid of the floaty ring of doom - it really is a pain! This one has lasted us 5 years, the failures being the sidewalls cracking after the pool being half full through the winter. The cracks/pinhole are only on the liner where it had folded under it's own weight, I suppose weather caused it to move about in icy weather making it brittle. I did manage to patch all the holes with duct sealant which also cured underwater - handy to know in case of a small emergency. To the bin it goes, after a few more parts arrive.

I already have the new pool so it will do for now and will have do a bit more groundwork for a larger pad in the future. Heat pump shall be ordered when the bank let's me.

I will write a separate post offering a mini- review and step by step guide of the heat pump once I have it, as there isn't one at the moment.
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