AGP has Some Ridges Humps, High Spots In it??????


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Apr 30, 2007
Fort Worth, Texas
The pool is sunk in the ground right at 2 ft and I noticed today that it has a few high spots in it a few feet long. I think that we have had so much rain of late that water got under the bottom and caused this? Can I get a large piece of pvc pipe filled with concrete and smooth these back down?? Anyway here is a pict that I took tonight of one of the spots, its in the upper left hand corner and is right at 3/4 " high by a foot or so long, at least the water is clear. We have just had it since last August and I am ready to backfill :oops: . Is been a bad day here :(



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Mar 27, 2007
Morris, IL
When I put my pool in, the bottom was totally smooth, it is not anymore, I think that you are going to have that. Personally I would not worry about it. See what others say, there are a few pool installers around who have more experience, I just have "general construction" knowledge.


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Apr 2, 2007
It's hard to tell, but any AG pool floor will not be perfect, you can try it, as long as you protect the ends of the pipe so it doesn't damage the liner, it may help squeezing the floor a bit.