AGP Cover Pump


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Aug 13, 2007
We've been toodling along fine for the rest of the summer, thanks to TFP people.
Now, I have my orders to get a pool cover pump:)
We have a winter cover on it.
And a leaf net at the moment.
I've looked a little.
I guess I should get one that is submersible, huh? Just in case.
Anyone have any 'good' experiences with any certain one?
40-50 years ago you could usually judge quality by price but I don't think that applies anymore, which makes the decision even harder.
I've seen the little Giant's at In the Swim and a economy (no name) at BackYardCity.
We only need it for the 12x24 pool.
Any suggestions?
My thanks....jen
Geez...I tried to edit the tiny text. I don't think I made it:)

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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
I have a Little Giant 5-APCP. It is a little bit more than you normally need. I love it because of that. I know that it has the features and capacity to handle practically anything that could come up.