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May 25, 2020
While the family and I enjoyed our 24' AG pool installed spring last year, we used a pool ladder as a temporary means of entry and exit. We had full intentions of pouring some concrete piers and building a deck but the price of lumber may curtail the build and have us resort to the pool ladder for summer 21'. Are there any pre-built aluminum deck structures that adapt to generic pool configurations? I have a feeling that this year will be similar as last with pool installs.. hard to find materials....


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Feb 18, 2018
Northwest GA
You may want to give it some time. I was going to finish my privacy fence this spring, but 2x4x8 from the lumber yard (which is usually cheaper than the big orange and blue stores) is $9.99 this year. A year and half ago, when I build the first part of my fence they were $4. The guy at the lumber yard said with covid shutting down some of the mills and the demand going up, prices are outrageous right now. He said he was charging $6 for a sheet of OSB last year, $30 this year! It'll eventually come back down. I plan to go ahead and get my holes dug and set my steel posts, and then just wait out the wood portion until prices are more reasonable. I think if you can give it one more year, next summer (fingers and toes crossed) will be back to normal.


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Feb 28, 2021
Virginia Beach, VA
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We want a deck, but we will wait for now. We planned on vinyl/Trex/whatever instead of wood because I want everything as low maintenance as possible, but even those prices are up right now. We already put down a deposit on a new privacy fence and went with vinyl instead of wood, but my guy just called me earlier this week saying the vinyl posts in our height and color are not available, and they're not sure when they will be, due to manufacturing constraints for resins. Luckily, we are locked in at our original price since we signed a contract, but he also said prices have recently increased.

I really want to do ALL THE THINGS and turn my back yard into a luxurious oasis, but we're going to have to stretch out our timeline...
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