after 4 or more years the pool, and lack of attention to the pool, it turned green, and fill valve /leak question.


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Nov 29, 2015
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We have been really happy with the TFP process and have had clear water easily for years.

This year I maybe checked the chemistry 5 times ? Its been really stable until it wasn't.
When the temps cooled here and the SWG had to be turned off the green came out ... Even though we had some chlorine in the water. The green likely had more to do with the lack of attention than anything else.

We had some really old $1 chlorine from Walmart and used that and put evil pucks in our 5 floating ducks. After about 2 or 3 gallons of chlorine and some stabilizer and the system is clearing up.

I wanted to mention that the Game brand Solar yellow ducks are fun, but they had to send us 5 ducks to get 2 that worked. Good news is the support was great, they just kept shipping more ducks.

10 pucks in 5 ducks is finally bringing up the FC ;-)

I'm NOT worried about too much CYA because we have a leak that causes us to lose both salt and CYA over time.

We replaced the autofill valve recently but it seems to run constantly. Can one of you experts tell me what you think of the valve ?
We have had a leak, we have had 2 leak check people look at it. And each fixed some small thing. One puttied the seam between the skimmers and the pool. And since then we had the whole pool replastered and Aquabrighted. We had hoped that would slow the leak but it doesn't seem to.
I'll need to get another leak person to take a look.
ank and tried the dye test but had no luck. Im guessing the leak is in the plumbing somewhere.
Does anyone in DFW area have a GOOD leak person they can recommend ?

Sorry for rambling


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Sounds as if a few things have gotten away from you this year. Your pic of the autovalve just seems to show it bubbling as if it's pushing water into the pool. The ducks, if all filled with tabs, will definitely hurt your chemistry, even if the water is leaking. You'll add much too much CYA versus free chlorine. Fortunately for you the water is probably chilly which is slowing algae growth. But remember, to truly kill algae you'll need to follow the SLAM Process.

I would make the leak a priority. If the pool was plastered, the shell should be okay. So that leaves things like the plumbing, skimmer, and light niche. If you are doing the leak checking yourself, I would focus on the light niche and skimmer first. Plumbing, while possible, isn't as common. But if you have a leak detection company do the work, they should check all of those with good equipment to pinpoint a leak. See our leak detection link below which might help you in advance.

Once the leak is resolved you can stabilize the chemistry. But let us know if you have any other questions that we can address for you.



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Nov 29, 2015
Carrollton tx
ive been using pucks every winter and supplementing with chlorine . In the spring I have to add more CYA when the water warms up and I want to turn on the SWG
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