After 3 acid wash, i am ready to paint plaster


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May 21, 2012
Ok, after 9 gallons of acid and 3 gallons of bleach in 3 days (yes, i used all the recommended methods of acid washing), and now... i am just ready to fill the whole pool with acid at this point. These yellow grain like stain are stubborn and just don't come off. I been just spilling acid and now there are yellow marks and spots all over the pool where acid did not work; apparently, i am assuming i did not spill enough acid…looks alike (please see picture taken this evening).

So, next option for me is to paint the pool ( i already have pool paint), but thought i ask here, before …if that will be a mistake. But, still here are my options:

-- 1st option: Give Up ! Leave it as it and fill the pool up with water; hopefully, treat it afterwards to remove the yellow grain like stain.
-- 2nd option: Get more acid and keep spilling till it is totally clean and white.
-- 3rd option: Paint it. (i already have white pool paint, as long as the pool paint last me 2-3 years i am happy and i am planing on using white paint which will mix with plaster better than other colors)

If i leave it and fill it up with water, it may look ugly will all stains; so, not sure which route to take but i am leaning towards painting. Any arguments/negative comments against painting or which option should i take…

Thanks Mac
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- Around 28,500 gallons (US) (20' x 40').
- in ground plaster
- Sta-Rite Pump P6E6Y4H-209L
- Sta-rite Filter system S8M150 -cartridge filter
- quikclean cleaning system



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Jan 6, 2010
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Remember one thing about paint - and this applies to any surface: paint doesn't hide anything, it just changes the color. If the surface is blotchy, you'll have blotchy paint. If the surface is pitted, you'll have pitted paint. And so on. Plus pool paint doesn't last very long. My brother-in-law tried it, even brought in some good paint from out of state.

It might be time to call a couple pool companies and see how much sandblasting will cost. I also read a thread last year sometime where a guy bead blasted it himself. Check it out.


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May 21, 2012
man, sand blasting is going to take forever and i don't have all the equipment.....if i do paint, will the paint last me at least 2 years?...i'm fine with that....or should i just get few more gallons of acid and pour it like there is no tomorrow...
anyways, here is the paint i got; and totally ready to grab a roller and start painting: