AF BBQ the 4th, still cloudy ALMOST results

I've read so much on here & read & read pool school. I've learned so much it can make a person's head spin. But it's nice to make other peoples face when they hear me talk about it :) According to my overnight FC test last night, I'm almost there... :)
I lost 2ppm. Going to get more bleach after this post. After working a week on it and realizing I wasn't keeping my shock level up due to work, I've managed to with some help. I can see the bottom but the water is still cloudy/milky.
I'm getting in with a brush to make sure I've got everything loose. Backwash daily when pressure up. Doing just great.

FC: 8
PH: 6.5
TA: 20
TH: 90
CYA: 40- had to keep a sock floating with CYA to get it up from 10 But I did it!

According to the pool calculator I need to add the following:
3- 182oz Bleach
253 oz of Borax
190 oz of Baking Soda.

Do I add these now while I'm shocking or would I wait until I've for certain passed my overnight FC test? I'd like to get the pool clear for our cook out Sunday. We have a TON of young Airmen/women that don't have family close that will be here. I can stay on top of it until's got to work.

Thank you! :lol:


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I would add half the Borax, and Half the Baking soda tonight if you can, and then retest in the morning and recalculate/readjust if necessary. You can do these now, while shocking, just keep in mind if the FC is higher than 10, the PH may read a false-high. But because your numbers are so low I think you should go ahead and get those taken care of. So adjust them tonight, and retest in the morning, adjust again... and then resume shocking and hit it hard all day tomorrow and we'll have our fingers crossed for you for Sunday. :)