Aerating effectiveness


May 30, 2020
New Hampshire
I have a 21,600 gallon pool. My current ph is 7.2 and TA is 120, so I want to raise the ph enough to add acid, thereby reducing both ph and TA.

The only method I currently have to aerate my pool is by pointing both jets up to create surface disturbance. Should I just use Borax to raise ph instead? Will this be enough, and how long would it take? Hoping to not have to buy any extra equipment for this. Thanks!


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Jun 12, 2009
NW Ohio
Why the hurry to lower your TA? If your pH isn't rising all that quickly then it sounds like 120 TA is fine for your pool.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Do not use a chemical to raise your pH.

You really do not need to do anything. Just monitor pH and if or when it gets to 8, lower it to 7.6


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May 29, 2019
OP question is still a good one. We watch the extreme pool shows on TV, and they always have multiple fountains and falls. It seems like those pools would be constantly having a high pH problem. How much aeration is too much? Too be honest I've been lucky to always have a TA in the acceptable range, and no matter how much aeration I allow for (returns breaking surface, water slide running) I don't ever seem to see it rise very quickly.


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Mar 26, 2014
San Jose, CA
They probably don't use TFP methods, which means they're using tabs to chlorinate. Those tabs are acidic which lower the pH and counter the effects of the aeration.


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Jun 16, 2019
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