Advice: Repair or Replace Old Pool Light


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi folks:

I've got a 40 year old Gunite Pool with an old, Anthony Model 20 light. The light is so old that you can't even find diagrams or parts for it when doing a search.

Even though our pool is old, it is in pretty great shape. The prior owners redid the plaster in recent years. The pump and filter are old, but work. However, the pool light has never worked since we bought our house 3 years ago.

I took the light out a few seasons ago to see if I could replace the bulb. That's when I noticed the gasket was in rough shape. So I opted to not mess with the lamp until I could find a suitable replacement gasket.

The good news is, I think I've now found a suitable gasket (thanks Inyo Pools). But the more reading that I'm doing I'm wondering just how good of an idea is it to use a 40 year old lamp.

Inyo says lamps should typically be replaced after 30 years. Mine is 40. I could put in a replacement R40, 500W incandescent bulb with a new gasket and roll the dice. But what happens if it is faulty? The unit is wired in to a GFCI breaker in the pool shed. The "test" button works, but I've got no other way of determining the GFCI workability.

Or, I could see if I can replace the ancient lamp with a new LED one that fits. But that also means I'd likely need to do a lot more electrical work to convert to 24V, wire it in, etc.

Thoughts? How risky is an old 500W / 120V lamp wired into a GFCI breaker? Note there is a junction box on the pool deck directly under where the old diving board use to go (which is no longer there.) I should also state that I accidentally had the lamp breaker "ON" the past week without issue. To the lamp was theoretically getting 120V and no one died. (thankfully!)
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Jul 21, 2013
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None of us can reassure you that your ancient light setup is 100% safe. Especially with your light junction box in the ground by the pool.