Advice on solar cover

I thought I was the only one planning for colder weather in the heat of August. But I see someone is looking for a winter cover so I'll ask for advice on a solar cover. I have a solar heating system on the garage facing southwest and used a 12 mil cover last year and was able to get in the pool by February. Well, the dogs got into the cover over the summer and I am in the market for a new one. This time I thought I would see if someone has any recommendations on a solar cover. Some say black are better, some say clearer are better, how much does color and thickness for that matter effect heating and retention? Thanks for your help. I hope we can swim till November!


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May 9, 2007
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there's already a few threads about this here, but I'll throw out my opinion anyway

I have owned a "space age" blue/silver cover and am currently on my second clear cover...I'll never use anything but a clear cover from now on...whereas the blue cover heated the top few inches well, the clear heats the water much more throughly IMHO

I bought my 16x32 clear rectangle cover for abotu $95 shipped from this place ... TBC5YR.htm

I was happy with the purchase and the cover is much heavier duty than the 2 covers I've had previously.


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May 14, 2007
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I agree, a black cover will draw more heat, but it will only be surface heat. A clear cover, while keeping the heat in, will in face allow the suns rays to make it clear to the bottom of the pool. You notice this up here in Canada during the spring, anyone who uses dark winter covers will have ice free quicker then one who doesnt use one at all (Me). The reasoning behind this in my mind, is the ice floats as it melts, raising it up to the superheated top area of the pool.