Advice on replacing a backwash valve. Keep push/pull or replace with multiport.


Jul 9, 2020
Tucson AZ
Should I replace my push pull valve with a multiport?? More info below.

Pentair sand filter and Pentair 2" push/pull backwash valve. My pool setup is very basic, no heating, the pool is 60s vintage and only drains from the suction and the automatic vacuum, the main drain is abandoned.

I've owned this pool less than a year. Soon after moving into this house I replaced the o-rings on the push pull valve shaft because it leaked slowly during normal filtering operation. 8 months later I noticed the same thing and today while trying to replace them a second time the shaft snapped above the bottom piston, which is still wedged in the body of the valve. The valve appears to be reasonably old and I will have to cut it out to even attempt to free the stuck piston, so I would probably replace the whole body vs. replacing the piston assembly.

I've read around the forum and watched some YouTube videos. I'm quite happy with the push/pull other than reliability. Replacing o-rings every 8 months is not what I want, is this typical? Tucson AZ might be a hard environment for them maybe. I seem to read that push/pull is usually more reliable so maybe I just had bad luck. Cost and difficulty of re plumbing is secondary to reliability unless I can be convinced I need the extra features of the multi-port setup. I will do the work myself.

I would love everyone's input. Thanks, Aaron


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Jul 21, 2013
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I happen to like an MPV because it gives you more options with WASTE and RECIRCULATE settings. MPV valbes don;t stick the way push-pull valves do. MPV valves do need its spider gasket replaced occasionally.

Make sure you get the correct MPV for your filter.

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