Advice on Pump/Filter Sizing and where to get a hose


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I have about an 11,000 gallon 15x30 oval pool that has a Hayward DreamLine S190TSCP 175 lb sand filter paired with a powerflo LX 1.5 HP pump that is now about 8 years old and works well other than being noisy when a hose busted and it ran dry.
1) I just opened yesterday to a clear pool (thanks BBB), I went to replace the hose from the pump to the filter which is clear (not anymore) with a mesh woven inside and they sold me flex PVC. Well the flex won't work since I want to clamp it and take the pump in for the winter. These hoses seem rather expensive $35 and up, is there an alternative?

2) I have a slight drip out of my backwash port, not much and I am not sure if it is residual, should I be concerned? I don't remember if it was there last year.

3) I was considering changing out either my pump or pump/filter and am trying to avoid repiping. Is the Powerflo Matrix 2 speed a good alternative (I need twist lock). Should I go down to a 1 hp? I have about 15 feet of piping from the skimmer to the discharge counting the pump to filter hose. I am told my pump is too much (creates a whirlpool literally) but never had issues. If the Matrix is a good choice it seems close in size to the LX, does the mounting bracket holes align? Would it require repiping? Should I buy the Hayward union kit?

I am not sure if the low speed on a 2 speed would be sufficient for turnover. My sand filter has a design flow rate of 45 GPM.

4) Does it matter if I use White PVC connectors on the skimmer basket and discharge? The ones from the filter to the pump are black.

5) In regards to piping my suction side has 2 couplers (1 is a valve) and 2 90 degree angles and the discharge has 3 90's 2 couplers (1 is a valve). Should I consider replumbing to 45 degree angles, that is what pool store suggested to eliminate 90's and get a better flow (I think I need to slow it down)