Advice on pool cleaner

May 23, 2012
Pool cleaner has gone bad. Was a suction side cleaner that worked ok, but never really worked wonders. Now that it has to be replaced, what are recommendations for replacement.
I am fairly sure that the reason the suction side cleaner never worked really well is 2 reasons.
Builder never devoted a line to the cleaner, so you have to run it through the skimmer, and it seems like it is tough to get that great of suction doing it that way, to many bypasses that will work rather then devote to suction of cleaner.
We can put a booster pump on to use a return type cleaner ( polaris 280).
Or work with a separate powered unit (dolphin supreme m4).
The difficulty lies in that the deep end of the pool has sides that are carved to look like stone, so doubtful any cleaner could do that end but the other sides are not as rough.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

11,000 gal gunite pool w detached 500 gal. spa
Hayward P8 controller and SWG
Pebble finish on bottom
Automatic cover


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Feb 13, 2012
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Well you certainly have many options!

If you decide to stick with a suction side cleaner, the Barracuda MX8 does a good job (and is designed for low flow). If you migrate to a pressure side cleaner, then the 280 you mention is extremely popular. As for robotics, I am not familiar with the Dolphin Supreme M4, but the DX5 did I am confident in their equipment. The polaris 9300 and 9400 are both pretty popular. You could get the 9300xi comes with a remote, which might be helpful for the rough surface of the deep end. I am not sure if ANY cleaner will do a good job on that rough area though.